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Perla Salotti was born and developed over half a century ago in the small business area of what was, during the first decades of the 1900s, the renowned upholstery manufacturing district in the area of Tricesimo, North of Udine. At that time, several companies specialised in the handmade production of high-quality upholstery which was then sold all over Italy and which received appreciation from customers from nearby Austria as well. This district attracted the most-spacialised masters of crafts who set up a synergistic and highly qualified group of companies that led the production of handcrafted upholstery to its highest levels. Today, this tradition is brought forward thanks to the output of some companies, including Perla Salotti. Perla was set up by Mario Sant, who still leads all activities together with his son Marco with passion and competence, handing down the values and techniques of this craft. In spite of being linked to ancient traditions, Perla managed to undergo constant renovation over the years, incorporating several changes which affected the furnishing market. Thus, we adapted our production to the new trends of contemporary design, while jealously preserving the ancient crafting secrets so as to constantly offer products carefully manufactured in minute detail. Today, this craft and flexibility in incorporating new market trends concur to introducing Perla Salotti as a furnishing company highly qualified in the manufacturing of tailor-made upholstery, realising uniques upon request of designers and architects for the niche market or on order products aimed at the residential and contract market alike. Private customers are also welcome to contact our company for the purchase of tailor-made sofas, chairs and upholstered furniture. Detailed, customised quotations may be requested at all times. In fact, our company offers a vast array of fabrics and accessories to suit any customer demands. The components selected and suggested by Perla Salotti allow for the realisation of convertible furniture such as sofa-beds, extendable armchairs or complementary furniture to match other upholstery, including coffee-tables, lamps, magazine racks and remote control racks. In a period when aesthetic uniformity seems to want to standardise every object we use in our daily life, at the risk of equalising everybody's home, Perla Salotti still works with passion and accuracy to provide each customer with a tailor-made, unique answer, increasing the value of all products by the intrinsic quality of handmade creations manufactured following the most-authentic crafting tradition.




The upholstery workshop also manufactures beds, pillows, pouf, chairs and padded stuff in general.




Customized or designed Sofas, made with utmost care in the selection of materials and finishes.




Production of uniques pieces, commissioned by designers and architects for residential and contract environments supply.